Umbrel home - samba

How can I run samba on my umbrel home so that I can access the umbrel : downloads root folder from windows?

I see that I bought Umbrel Home as a server for a home user, and it turns out that it is not a server but a device focused on Bitcoin. No help with standard home server user questions. This is sad.

Damn, I had hopes that I could use Umbrel as my main home server since my main priority is home network storage location. Since that does not work I don’t think it’s of any use to me since I’m not interested in bitcoin mining

You can use it easily, but unfortunately you need to know some basics of using the terminal in Linux.
I ran samba in my umbral home. Everything is done the same way as in Linux.

At first I was irritated, until I finally started liking my Umbrel Home, but I had to learn how to do a lot of things from the terminal, then it’s easy :wink: