Umbrel Home European Power Supply

I ordered an Umbrel Home and it’s on the way to Germany.
Now I heard it comes with US power supply.
Is that true?
What power supply would be good for Germany?

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I ordered one (I live in Australia) and it came with the US power supply.

I contacted Umbrel Support and they were good enough to refund me the cost of a power converter on Amazon.

I didn’t go with the one they recommended, I went with a better brand. ($14 rather than $9).


Which one did you take?
On Umbrel Home side, is that USB-C or something proprietary?

I just bought a AU → US power plug adapter.

Koro AU travel adapter

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Thanks, that’s a great idea.
I have such a thing for US/EU :wink:

does anybody have any actual hardware specifications for this device, I would like to know if the usb c port actually adheres to usb c specs so could a usb PD power the device