Umbrel 1.1 - Immich database restore


how to restore Immich database backup on Umbrel 1.1?

docker compose down -v  # CAUTION! Deletes all Immich data to start from scratch.
docker compose pull     # Update to latest version of Immich (if desired)
docker compose create   # Create Docker containers for Immich apps without running them.
docker start immich_postgres    # Start Postgres server
sleep 10    # Wait for Postgres server to start up
gunzip < "/path/to/backup/dump.sql.gz" | docker exec -i immich_postgres psql --username=postgres    # Restore Backup
docker compose up -d    # Start remainder of Immich apps

I found here:

that docker and docker compose cannot be controlled directly, but how to execute above command with umbreld client? Is it even currently possible?

You can do this by doing something like:

  1. Acessing the terminal

  2. Executing this command:
    cd /data/umbrel-os/home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/immich/ and the ls. Doing that, you will be able to see the docker-compose.