Umbrel 0.4.15 is out with Jam (JoinMarket UI), Snowflake Tor Proxy, and more

Umbrel 0.4.15 is now out with 3 brand new apps in the Umbrel App Store — Jam (CoinJoin with JoinMarket on your Umbrel), Snowflake Tor Proxy (help defeat Tor censorship around the world), and Bleskomat Server (connect a Bleskomat ATM to your Lighgnting node). :rocket:

Also included are updated versions of Bitfeed, Helipad, ItchySats, Kollider, Krystal Bull, Lightning Shell, LNDg, RTL, Samourai Server, Squeaknode, Suredbits Wallet, Urbit, and usocial in the app store, along with bugfixes. Just login to update!

With Jam, you can increase the privacy of your Bitcoin with CoinJoin transactions, or earn a yield by making your Bitcoin available to CoinJoin with others without giving up custody:

By simply running Snowflake Tor Proxy on your Umbrel, you can help Ukrainian and Russian journalists, activists, and civilians connect to an uncensored internet via Tor and bypass Russia’s Tor censorship:

Connect a Bleskomat Bitcoin & Lightning ATM directly to the Lightning node on your Umbrel with Bleskomat Server:

Twitter announcement:


Awesome stuff! Really excited to see it. Snowflake is already running and routing traffic which is really cool.

Regarding JAM, how do I know the yield script is working? Transferred some coins to the wallet, hit ‘start’, and it showed ‘starting’ for a while and then shows the ‘start’ button again.

This is great @mayank thanks for the update and all the work to provide us with these apps… easily accessible from Umbrel :pray:

I got the same. I don’t think it’s working. Also seems real slow navigating back to the main wallet screen. It’s also not yet clear to me how I would send using different privacy levels (and what they mean): would I need to hold a larger amount in my wallet?

UI looks neat though.

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Hey! Installed the Snowflake Tor Proxy App but getting no traffic… The logs say:

0 connections. Traffic relayed 0 B (both upload and download)

It’s been like that for a few hours. Any way I can debug this?

Patience is (gold) key… keep it running, and you’ll see some connection at some stage. Snowflake is not for you, you just allowing other people to connect through your node.

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snowflake is the only non-bitcoin app worthy of space/bandwidth on my node. i remember asking for it on the app request thread. thank you umbrel!!! question: i understand that running a tor node gives you priority on the tor network. dose this give the same bennifits?


I’m having a problem with the Jam uninstall not working, and hangs forever. I cannot uninstall the plugin.

When can we expecto to have Bitcoin Core updated to the latest version?

What makes you think is not the latest version?


Well. I’m confused. Seems that latest version is v22.0.0, that’s what Umbrel has. But then there are version with a 0 first like 0.21.1. Did they just got rid of the first 0?
It seems v22.0.0 is indeed the latest version.

Is this Jam secure? Open source?

Well… the image you posted respond to your question!

hi, does anyone know if this is normal, outgoing connections are larger than incoming connections, they have to be the same, right?