Squeaknode peers

Every Squeak Node needs to connect to peers to download and view Squeaks. Let’s a compile a list of peers in this thread.

Here’s my external address: ryiybclrl4u4wrfhozc2euxxfbb6tcxngqtdnupmyamplgjt7yqnqbid.onion

Go to Peers page, click on Connect Peer and paste the external address of a known peer (like above).

Here’s a list of few more peers:

We can create also a Matrix/Elements Umbrel community
Still have to see how this works, not clear until now.
here is mine

Ya, let’s create a community. It looks like Squeaknode launched itself via Umbrel. I can’t find any resource on it other than a Github page and Twitter account.

Anyway, it looks like a cool, nascent project for decentralized social media with a lot of work pending.

Feel free to follow me on Squaknode:
profile name: abhishandy
address: 14Xj6ryrUdTNZPaoLRKdmVdWhJGSehnVFm

To unlock my squeaks, you should have lightning route to my node or open a channel with me.

I connected withe above peers:
My node is: h6fwqpxbwflhslu6gbe3hyrkwdep43fd2qfcisqfcn7oxqkit4v7yiqd.onion:8555


I’m curious now how to get some squeaks in my timeline :slight_smile:

You have to add people as contacts. Use my profile name and profile address.

profile name: abhishandy
address: 14Xj6ryrUdTNZPaoLRKdmVdWhJGSehnVFm

You will see my squeaks but they would be locked. You can pay 10 sats to unlock it, given that you have a lightning route to my node.