Some questions about Umbrel and Lightning Node


first thing first sorry if my questions sounds silly but after that I have read almost everything I still have doubts.

I’m currently running my BTC and Lightning Node on my NUC 10 i5 in a VM with ESXi. My VM has 6 CPU Core and 32GB of RAM.

I have read various threads when some says that is better to run Umbrel on Bare Metal while other says that a VM is the best choice.

I currently have 4 Lightning channels open that I manually backup almost every hour.

Now my question is: if my ssd die can I restore my channels backup without loosing my funds.

What I have also read is that if your node is offline for too many time you can restore the channel with the last backup that you have, you’ll recovery your money but you will lose your channel reputation; is this true?

I’m planning to buy another NUC with the same specs and create a 2nd BTC and Lightning Node this time on Hyper-V so I can monitor the server and the VM on Azure with Azure ARC and Azure Monitor.

Having a 2nd node, if my primary node die and I’ll restore almost immediately the channels backup on my 2nd node what will happen?

Ok, I’m done, sorry if I sound a bit paranoid, I’m Autistic and this is my highly-focused interest but in the same time I don’t want to lose my moneys.