Several Weeks Waiting on Wallet Synchronizing -- Bitcoin Core at 100%

It has been two full weeks since originally syncing Bitcoin Core at 100%.

  • I am running Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi 4.
  • I am using a 1TB SSD.
  • I am directly connect to Ethernet.

Here are the logs:

I have re-flashed my microSD twice with no changes.

I have also SSH’d into my Umbrel and attempted this command:

sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup.service && docker system prune --force --all && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup.service

A few key log errors:

  • UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: LndError: Unable to list channels
  • Unable to list pending channels, wallet not created, create one to enable full RPC access
  • LndError: Unable to list pending channels

I’m beginning to think there is no fix for this bug.


If you do not have any funds in that node, I suggest to start from scratch, wipe everything and start a new instance. Possible that in the past, some files get corrupted and your user data cannot create a lnd wallet.
Instead of trying to fix, is much easier and clean to start a new node instance.

If you had funds in that node and you have a backup of your LN channels, then just restore the funds into Blixt wallet and start from scratch a new umbrel instance.
Here you have a guide how to recover your funds

Thanks this was great advice - I have been struggling with this issue for months but starting from scratch was pretty quick and painless.

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@wip3d I’m facing a problem somehow similar to yours. Have you solved it?