Reset the qbitTorrent pass


I can’t login to qBittorrent 4.6.5 running umbrelOS Version0.5.4 on a linux debian 11
I uninstall and install the app but same error Invalid Username or Password.

How can I change the password ?


Hey @umbrel_guy, thanks for reporting. We just recently updated qBittorrent to v4.6.5 in the app store with logic that should install the app with the default credentials of username = admin, password = adminadmin.

If you aren’t able to login with those default credentials after installing the app, then potentially there is something wrong with the script that assigns the default credentials. I will look into this and try to recreate.

In the meantime can I please get you to try the following:

  • Install qBittorrent. If default credientials don’t work then continue below.
  • SSH into your umbrel
  • Restart qBittorrent with the following command. You may need to modifiy the path if you have installed umbrel in the non-default directory
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart qbittorrent
  • Try logging in to qBittorrent with default credentials

Please let me know if the above steps work for you


thank you

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Excellent, great to hear. Thanks again for reporting the issue; a hotfix release has just hit the app store that addresses this issue so that users will not be required to restart qBittorrent.