Recover lightning funds without backup files

Hi. My SSD died (auto saves in the drive too) and after a while I wad able to buy a new one.
After reinstalling umbrel and recovering my Bitcoin node and Lightning wallet, it seems like I can only see onchain (“real” Bitcoin) funds, but not Lightning funds.
I tried the option recover channels in the Lightning app, but it asks for the backup file which I lost when my drive crashed.
Can I recover my channels without a backup file?
Where are my Lightning funds?

Here is my info:

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Probably you have to wait long time before other peers will force close channel to you.
umbrel so backup itself 2-4 times per day, to own server
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or you cant try backups in UMBOSS which some people do using thunderhub.
Probably you can try to recover ssd files.
Without backup file it impossible.

Maybe I can try to contact other guys to ask them to force close the channel? Is it my only solution?