Rebalance with rebalance-lnd

I am trying rebalance using rebalance-lnd tool.
$ rebalance-lnd -t channel_id -a 10000
It always give me error: could not find any suitable route
even if I set amount just 10000, or increase fees up to 1000
I tried for 30 peers, same error everywhere

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Could be 1 reason only

  • since you don’t specify --max-fee nor --fee-factor, r-lnd only considers profitable routes
  • -t specifies you want to send “to” the other side, hence draining your profitability with this channel.
  • because -t basically robs you of possible traffic out, the only way to make sats in lightning, it only does so when it can pull from another channel, which is more profitable with it’s outgoing fees
  • it also takes into consideration the rebalancing fees, so the fees to you to fullfill this circle pay (while the out has no charge to you, the first hop is free, the in has a cost, it’s the PPM of your peer to you)

If the above is not possible, based on pre-computation before even pinging the gossip network, on lost fees Node A + incoming fees from Node B - possible outgoing fees from Node B < 0, no suitable route can be found and hence it’s giving this error

i tried with --fee-factor 10!
same problem

Try with
-t chan-ID -a 100000 --fee-ppm-limit 150 --reckless

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thank you

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