Putting Apps on Umbrel questions


I’m working on getting some apps I’d like to see setup on Umbrel. My apps will install and work but only when I break the port configurations (like put a different port in the umbrel-app.yml then in the docker-compose.yml). For example if my app is configured to run on 5012 but in the umbrel-app.yml it says 5011 it installs fine (the icon to open the app doesn’t work then of course but visiting the correct port its there functioning) but when I put the ports consistently as described in the guide here: GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel-apps: The official app repository of the Umbrel App Store. Submit apps and updates here. Learn how → https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel-apps#readme then it results in the error Bind for failed: port is already allocated. My question is there a command I can run on my Umbrel to see a list of which ports are allocated (I don’t see it in the output of the debug command)?

Thank you for any tips or advice anyone can provide

Also is there a different way to access the container-init.d directory of one of an app’s docker containers? I am currently doing ${APP_DATA_DIR}/setup.sh:/container-init.d/setup.sh which seems to be the proper Umbrel syntax to move setup.sh into the desired directory (as opposed to ./setup.sh:/container-init.d/setup.sh which works for a normal non Umbrel docker container) but it doesn’t seem to be working currently. Maybe there is a different way this is supposed to be written. The full example of what I am doing is here: https://github.com/buttonbeaver/beaver-umbrel-app-store/blob/master/beaver-ipfs-node/docker-compose.yml

Hi @buttonbeaver

Believe this should help on the port side

docker ps --format ‘{{.Names}}\t{{.Ports}}’

I usually like to search the app-store repo, but idk why port 5012 would be causing an error unfortunately.

Will need to get back to you on the second part.

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Thank you smolgrrr. This command is useful to have and you’re right my Umbrel doesn’t appear to have anything running on port 5012 anyways. When I mentioned about the port lists I didn’t mean the currently active ports on a Umbrel though I was instead looking to see if there was a way to see basically the same output as the above docker command but for all the apps in the official umbrel store repo so that developers who want to publish apps on the official store can quickly see which ports are still available for use. Thank you again