Pruned node and Electrum

Just saw this. Is this behavior to be expected? Wont Electrum run if node is pruned?

Anyone? Should Electrum still work with a pruned node??

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This could be my last straw with Umbrel. I spent a week downloading a pruned Bitcoin Node on an old laptop with Ubuntu. Performance was rubbish so decided to wipe the partition and load Mint Mate instead. I looked here and saw some advice so say it was possible to copy Bitcoin data. It didn’t work - have spent another week syncing a pruned Bitcoin Core again and now I have just seen your (unanswered) comment about Electrum.

My intention is to run Sparrow wallet connecting to a private Electrum server.

I see there are no answers here, but other sites say Electrum will only work with a full (un-pruned) node - as will Mempool.Space.

So it looks as though I have wasted 2 weeks and god knows how much electricity installing a system that is never going to work.

I was going to play with Umbrel and eventually buy a dedicated Umbrel Home server but my experience here - lack of essential info and reams of unanswered community questions, has convinced me to look elsewhere. I think I’m going to invest in a Start9 instead.

The lack of answers is frustrating and strange as the project itself seems fully active. Same thing in the discord.

However, if Electrum dont work with pruned node same thing should be expected with Start9 i guess?

And if you can afford one of those i think it would be much cheaper to get a refurbished mini pc with 2tb ssd and run a full node?

Yes, I plan to buy a mini PC with 2TB SSD and run a full node but probably not running Umbrel, I don’t trust it particularly anymore. I’ve heard good things about Start9 so will give that a go.

The Umbrel Home is pretty cheap, but they have taken the decision to hide the HDMI port (there is one on the board, but they have covered it up with the case) to stop you re-purposing the machine. Another loss of trust for me.

I have no reason not to trust Umbrel. And the full version thats being released now seems to adress any concerns like https support etc. But Start9 is likely good option :+1:

But i guess if Electrum dont work with pruned node that will be the same of any plattform. By the way, is it confirmed that it cant work with pruned or??

Yes, indeed - the pruned node issue (if real) will affect all pruned nodes. I’m just pis*ed that there is no specific warning about not being able to use Electrum or Mempool Space with a pruned node on Umbrel, when this seems to be quite a common choice now with the huge size of the blockchain.

No, I wouldn’t take it as confirmed that it won’t work, it’s just that I’ve found quite a few posts online (not on Umbrel) that Electrum will only work on a full node.

My latest sync is now on 99.7% so I guess I will find out shortly!

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Good luck!

Hi there.

Just so you know - it didn’t work!

I now have a new mini PC which I am just about to set up. Interestingly, I have been looking a bit more at Start9 and they have an app called Bitcoin Proxy, which allows you to run Electrs and on a pruned node - not that I need to do that now with a 2TB.

All the best.

Thanks. Good information. Not keen to switch right now myself but good to know there is options if this feature wont be added to Umbrel soon enough…

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