Prowlarr Ecosystem - Transmission or Qbittorrent


I’m trying to set up my Plex ecosystem on Umbrel. I’m nearing the end. However, something is bothering me.
I use YGGTorrent to retrieve my torrents. And I’d like to keep a positive ratio.

So I’d like to know how to :

  • Either on Transmission, to be able to remove trackers automatically so as not to give a sign of life to YGGTorrent.
  • On Qbitorrent, configure it with Prowlarr to use it as a download client. However, the host doesn’t match what I have in my search bar, i.e. umbrel.local.
  • Either have a tool on Umbrel (or other) that simulates on YGGtorrent that simulates upload to improve my ratio.

Thank you very much for your answers.

Have a nice day.