Prepping for a move - new router/ISP

OK, I don’t have a lot running right now, but I do think I set my IP address to be static about a year ago.
I am about to power down and move this weekend, are there settings I can adjust before the move.
Is there a main config file I can alter? Any help appreciated, I only occasionally SSH in…

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Hi there; if you use the same router and the internal IP structure is the same, your static IP will be fine. I’d rather keep the LAN the same, such as 192.168.0.x, than changing all my devices. Those on DHCP will be fine anyway.

I am moving the router, so yes that is probably the easiest. But I did notice that when I tried to start it on a different router it did not get an IP assigned. I looked at the dhcpcd.conf and it was not configured, so wondering if there is any other place that is configured. Thanks!