Paying for the conference with OpenNode channel

I opened a channel with OpenNode, but not knowing what I was doing, I only put the minimum sats on it.

I’d like to pay for the conference, and I think if I pay with OpenNode it’ll use my channel, is that right?

But what’ll happen since my channel doesn’t have enough outbound liquidity? Will it just route through another channel?

Is there a way to increase my outbound liquidity on that channel?

Thanks, I’m just figuring things out.

Lightning doesn’t support yet increasing a channel capacity. You have several options:

  • Try to pay OpenNode, if you have enough outbound liquidity, it is possible that the payment finds a route to their node even without using a direct channel.
  • Close your small channel with them and reopen a bigger one
  • Just open a new channel with their node and keep your current one