NEW Ligning Channel is OPEN

Hello i have open an new Ligning Channel to with 300000 Satoshi.
But the status is only open and not online. What can i do ? I cannot close the channel
and my satoshis are catched :frowning_face:

Pleas help me, i am NEW on Lightning …

Thank you, Manfred

I wish I could help more, this is why I still haven’t opened any channels. Darth has provided a lot of material.

I been so busy at work haven’t sat and read it all yet, you might be able to find answers in his work however please don’t contact him directly or mention me, I don’t want to get in trouble with him he’s probably busy enough as it is.

You can find some of his work here.



the opening is recorded in the main network and must first be confirmed in a block by a miner. If there is a lot going on in the mainnet, it may take some time. Is the channel now open?