Multiple nodes for school /educational purposes

I’m looking to set up multiple nodes for a small school in Guatemala as part of the Bitcoin Lake project (@lakeBitcoin).

There will be about 25-30 students that I want to set up nodes for so they each can learn some basic computer skills and have a full node to store funds on as well.

  1. Is it possible to run 25-30 nodes on a Network?
  2. With that many nodes, will the node syncing take that much longer? I’m expecting bandwidth to be rather poor anyway in the town.
  3. How can each node be accessed so as not to interfere with another node - I presume each node will be numbered on the network and each node will have it’s own unique password? Is this correct?

Any other tips or advice would be appreciated. I am not a techie.

Kind Regards

I really with I had a helpful answer on this but should start by saying I really dont. I wanted to reply though as I think this sounds like an amazing project and to wish you luck with it. It would be great to know how it works out.

From my limited knowledge as you add more to a network it automatically renames them to prevent conflicts, I dont know if there are limits to how many but it is possible to run multiple nodes.

I have also seen posts in the community about downloading the block and synching to more than node.

I really hope you can get a better answer from people who actually know!

Good luck with the project!

Very interesting project! I hope you will succeed.

  1. yes, if are behind tor, each one will have his own onion address. No ports on routers needed. But why do you need so many nodes for education?
  2. Is enough to sync one fitst and after that you can copy or sync data from that first node to others. In the Troubleshooting manual I explained how you can do that (sync from local node) so you will not use internet bandwidth.
  3. Each node, to be accessed from local LAN, could be using IP and/or specific names in hosts file (eg, node1.local, node2.local etc). Here I explained how to set a static IP to an Umbrel node and you can set specific names.

I suggest to check the Guides section of this forum, where we wrote many more guides and in special the one that I wrote about Getting started with Umbrel node.

If you need further assistance, you are invited here to ask anything, I can even write more guides for your education purposes. You can check my Bitcoin guides collection on my substack page.

Education is the key!

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