Manual Restore of Umbrel backup data following upgrade from v.05 to v1.1.2

I have upgraded my Umbrel to the latest version of v1.1 and also performed a backup to a USB SSD prior to the upgrade. I installed the core OS on my device internal 128GB SSD and I also have a 1TB external SSD plugged in via USB1. Once upgraded, I removed the USB thumb drive and plugged in my backup SSD, however when I access Umbrel via the browser, several minutes after boot, the migration assistant is not running and I have a fresh install asking that I create an account. I have repeated the process 3 times now with a fresh image burn from USB drive, but never see the migration assistant. Is the a manual way to perform the restore from the backup SSD or not or an I doing something wrong?

After all the issues I had actually performing the upgrade, had to eventually wait for 2 versions of installer image updates until it was recognised on boot, and now following the instructions in the following article:

Which states that the backup drive WILL be recognised and the migration assistant will run, I am beginning to lose faith. Please provide a response ASAP so I can get back to running my btcoin & lightning nodes.

Hey Tanner, sorry for the issue. Just to confirm re this:

Is this the same external SSD that you backed up to? If so, can you please confirm that if you reboot the device with this SSD attached, it doesn’t do the migration?

If it’s not the same external SSD, can you try removing it and only have the SSD you backed up to connected to the device, and then reboot it (while ensuring nothing else is connected to any other USB ports)?

Hi @mayank,

No, I backed up the instance from the existing attached 1TB external USB1 SSD (data drive) to an additional (newly attached) 2TB external USB2 SSD following the instructions, I then removed USB2 drive, inserted thumb drive into USB2, rebooted and performed the installation from the USB2 booted thumb drive to the internal 128GB SSD of my node.
I then shutdown the node, removed the USB2 thumb drive and plugged in the 2TB HDD to USB2 to restore from, to the existing connected USB1 1TB SSD be used as the main data drive for the upgraded Umbrel node. The migration manager does not run but I can see the 256GB internal SSD, and both the 1TB (USB1) & 2TB (USB2) external SSD’s when I list the disk drives from the CLI.

If I remove the 1TB USB SSD from my device then there is nowhere for the 2TB USB SSD to restore to as the internal SSD of the device is only 128GB (enough for the umbrel-OS)

Ah, I see what you mean. Sorry @Tanner, umbrelOS currently doesn’t support booting from a separate OS SSD and using another SSD for data. So it can only restore from your backup SSD to your internal OS SSD, therefore to make it work, you’ll need up upgrade your internal SSD to a larger size (on which you installed umbrelOS). :frowning:

Thanks for your response @mayank

OK, so what if I install Umbrel OS v1.1.2 on a 1TB SSD connected to USB1 (as I don’t think my device will support a large internal SSD). Is it possible to restore my backup from another SSD connected to USB2 (automated or manual?) As I’ve already tried installing Umbrel OS v1.1.2 on my device internal SSD (128GB) and then rebooting with my backup SSD connected to USB1, just to see if it would trigger the migration (which it didn’t) so either the migration assistant is not working properly with 2 x USB connected drives, or it will not trigger if the destination SSD is not large enough to take the full backup…thoughts?
Is it possible to manually restore the data from the backup to the OS drive?