Make Bitcoin Core listen to LAN peer only

I am already running another node in my LAN (both nodes are connected to the same router via ethernet) and I don’t want the extra bandwidth from two nodes.

I’d like to have one Bitcoin node over tor doing in/outbound connections (normal way) and to have my umbrels bitcoin node only have outbound to this other node. This would halve my bandwidth requirements.

Or is there a simpler way to achieve this?


I explained this procedure in Troubleshooting guide for Umbrel see the section about copying the existing data from another node.
This command will connect your new node to existing node, no need for any intrerruption or taking the drive out tyo copy. Just link them.
Enter SSH into your new Umbrel node, then:
cd ~/umbrel/bin
bitcoin-cli addnode "" "onetry"
replace “” with your existing running node IP.

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