Loop Out Error... Help!

I keep getting the following message when i try to perform a loopout on lightning terminal. Not sure how to fix it, can anyone help? Thanks!
Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 19.42.02|315x141

Loop fails more often than not.
The way I use it is as follows (it still fails 80% of the time using this process)

  1. In lightning Terminal select loop, select channel to loop out from.
  2. Select loop out.
  3. Set loop amount under 400k sats. (I’ve not had anything over that go through)
  4. In additional options paste your receiving address (may not need this step but I do it anyways)
  5. I set confirmation target between 100 and 150 blocks (very high yes but lower has never worked for me and this gets the lowest fee rate and still confirms within 5 blocks)
  6. Confirm

Stick with it. I’ve had up to 14 failures in a row before a successful loop. Not sure why it fails so often but it does. The steps above seem to give the highest chances of success.


I usually use Thunderhub for balancing between channels and RTL for loop out. I notice that those 2 works better.
Also I use lower amount 100-200k max for loop out. Not all nodes in the route have such liquidity as 500k for a loop out. Increasing hops also helps finding a better route.


That’s great to know, I’ve been banging my head against the wall on this one for weeks.

I recently had a much larger loop out fail from RTL, and while it shows that the invoice expired it still subtracted that amount from my lightning balance. Will this correct itself? It’s been a day now.

Had some mixed experience with looping out. With RTL it did not work for me, even after several attempts. My node is synchronized and I have (by now) about 6 channels.

With Thunderhub it worked well on the second try (needed to adjust some fees a bit). The experience with Thunderhub was pretty smooth, even though I had no idea what I was doing through part of the process. I call that good design :wink:

I’ll give this a try, thanks for the advice.