Lightning max channel size is: 0.16777215 BTC

I’m trying to open a 20M Sat Channel and the other node is getting the message “maximum channel size is 16777215”. I assume this is a Umbrel default.

The other node is saying I should add “protocol.wumbo-channels=true” to lnd.config

I know how to do this with ssh but am nervous about making changes. Can anyone validate this please? Also which section in the Umbrel lnd.config should this go?

Thanks in advance

This is optional but standard configuration. You can add it to the suggested category [protocol] or [application options] but it doesn’t really matter.


That’s incredibly helpful thank you. I’m going to add to Application options since I’ve done that before. To be completely clear then it’s a new line with “protocol.wumbo-channels=true” So like this example below yes? Also assuming I have to restart for it to take effect.


Yes, that’s it.

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By the way I added an alias here which was wiped when I updated the software and presumably the same will happen here. Or is there a way to preserve the lnd.config following a software update?

You could copy/backup your config files somewhere and add the changes to the updated files manually.
It’s the safest way to add your changes and not break future changes done by Umbrel updates.

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I am not sure how to do this with ssh. Can someone tell me step by step what I must do?

Were you able to set the configuration?

After adding the change in the configuration were you able to open the 20,000,000 size channel?