Killing Withdrawal with 0 confirmations

I have a couple of withdrawals that I did a month or so ago. I set the fee super low so they are kind of hanging there. Zero confirmations. I don’t want to bump the fee. I just want to kill them on my node so the balance will return and the transactions don’t “accidentally” go through.

Thank you for the help!!

bitcoin core default expiration time is 14 days unless theya re being re-transmitted.

Either way your going to have to wait or up the fee and send it to yourself to get it back to your wallet.

Ok, so 14 days has past. So is Umbrel re-transmitting then? How can I tell if it is? How do I turn that off?

Thank you!

default doesnt mean some nodes havent changed their rules.
Whats the mempool say?

mempool says

I think this is more on the Umbrel side of things. But I don’t know.

thats rough. surprised it hasnt gotten picked up yet.
You can always rbf and send it back to yourself

Unfortunately, I can’t RBF it back to myself since I did not set the transaction up to be RBF in the first place.

I still think this is an Umbrel thing to prevent the server from resubmitting the txn.

shoot i didnt see that sorry.