Keys for Core, Samourai, derived from Core keys?

Hello I have a general 2-part question about how Umbrel handles keys.
a) If I connect my Samourai client on my phone to my Umbrel Samourai server, does that mean that Samouria client on my phone does not have it’s own keys anymore? By connecting the mobile Samourai client (I know that requires wiping the current keys in my mobile Samourai Client) does that mobile Samourai client become just an interface to the Samourai Server, and the Server has the only hot copy of the keys (my backup is a cold copy)?
b) If I install the Samourai server app on the umbrel and connect my mobile Samourai client to it, and deposit 1M sats to the Samourai generated receive address, is that 1M show up in Bitoin Core on my Umbel also? Does Umbrel core and Umbrel Samourai point to the same wallet?

It is great to join this community, and thank you in advance for any knowledge you can drop!

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