It takes ages for LND to start

Hey there,
as the title suggests, it takes really long for LND to start after updating to umbrelOS 1.2 and LND 0.18.0. It took only like 2-3 minutes previously, now it takes 20-30 minutes (today, it took 22 minutes and 9 seconds, and it actually took additional ~25 minuts for channels to start getting back online).

It also sometimes happens that LND stops working randomly. And when I try to access the Lightning Node app via the web browser, the progress bar is stuck at ~60%. And it starts working again only after reboot.

I checked the troubleshooting logs and it says

[ERR] RPCS: [/lnrpc.Lightning/GetInfo]: waiting to start, RPC services not available

Any idea what to do with this?
Why does it take for RPC services sooo long to become available?
Why do they stop working all of a sudden?

Update to 1.2.1 because there’s a bug in 1.2 where the network interface will shutdown. Check the release notes for 1.2.1. When you couldn’t access the your umbrel via the web interface because of this bug, your lightning node as also been disconnected for a long period of time. This can cause very slow startups, especially if you are using watchtowers.

Update your OS to fix the network problems and the slow lnd startup should fix itself. Eventually.

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Thank you, I checked the release notes for 1.2.1 and I see only some translation-related issues. Are you sure about the bug? Where can I check the details?

I was able to solve this by turning on Database Sync in LND’s configuration (sync-freelist = true).

Now it takes around a minute to start LND and channels are back online within 5 minutes.