How to tell if Node is Public?

How can I tell if my LND (Raspberry PI on Umbrel) is a public node?

Background - I’d like to run a ‘routing’ LND to help build the network. I’ve had Umbrel running on a Raspberry PI for over a year. When I started I couldn’t figure out the channels - I created 5 channels including some with LNBIG where I paid for inbound liquidity, but didn’t get any transactions. I moved on to other stuff. Anyway, after a year of ignoring my node (while it remained fully operational) I’ve just turned my attention back to it. I don’t see any recent transactions.

When I used to find some suggested nodes to open channels with it said my node isn’t public. I’m wondering if that’s the reason I’m not seeing traffic. If so, how can I check whether my node is public? Is it visible somewhere in Umbrel (in Lightning Node, ThunderHub???). And, more importantly, if this is the reason I’m not seeing any transactions, how can I make my node public?


UPDATE: I suspect the site isn’t working. Anyway, I’ve managed to get some traffic through my node. I’ve used to open channels and also to chat with other node owners. I also found this page very helpful in understanding liquidity and balancing my node -