How to Shut Down Umbrel?

I’m wanting to shut down Umbrel, so I have clicked the Shutdown Button in the setting, and it’s been about 30 mins and it’s still spinning around. I feel like just pulling the power but heard you shouldn’t do that. Umbrel is such a pain, it looks good, but the looks are only skin deep, nothing seems to work well.

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Open another window for umbrel.local. if nothing shows up your pie should be off. You can check the lights on your pie. If its still running , shut down via ssh.

I went with what you said, opened another window and Umbrel didn’t show up. Also the light was out on the Pi. So I thought all was good, even though the spinning thing was still happening on the original Umbrel page. So I shut down the RPi so I could move it. Plugged it back in, waited 5 mins and then done the Umbrel.local, and nothing, wouldn’t sign in. Tried a few more times, just wouldn’t work. So out with the SD card and done the flash again. Great this time it worked…but now my SSD is not showing up. Back to the original problem with only the SD showing up. So I formatted the SSD and it then worked and is now syncing with the blockchain again. So I’m still none the wiser as to how to shutdown Umbrel so this doesn’t happen again.?

for some reason umbrel.local is finnicky for me.

download an app on your phone like Network Analyzer. it will scan your router for all IPs connected and you will see umbrel listed. then enter that ip and it should connect.

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I will look into doing this thank you.