How to reduce bandwidth usage from Umbrel

Hello everyone from Australia!

I’ve been running my Umbrel for a couple weeks now and noticed my Wifi speed on other devices is often slow at times. My internet speed is pretty average here in Australia.
Im guessing it’s because my Umbrel may be using large amounts of bandwidth on primarily upload speed and maybe some download.
Is there a way to limit the upload amount or speed on my Umbrel? I’m running it on a Raspberry Pi connected directly to my router.
I found some other pages talking about editing a config file on my SD card, but couldn’t locate the file required.

Thanks in advance,


For those who have the same issue as me, I found the answer.

SSH into your Umbrel from your Mac/PC. I used terminal.
ssh umbrel@umbrel.local
Enter password.
Once logged in, enter command:
nano ~/umbrel/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
You’ll now be editing the bitcoin.conf file.
Then follow the instructions on this page:

Basically, add two lines of code under #connections.

Then save the file and restart your bitcoin node, I used command:
docker restart bitcoin

Good luck!

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Hello, I am having the same issue, I am on version 5.1 and there is no bitcoin.conf file.

~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin $ ls
banlist.json blocks debug.log indexes peers.dat chainstate fee_estimates.dat mempool.dat settings.json

Hi @Daryl ! No worries you can create the bitcoin.conf file and add these lines :
(you can change the values as needed)
use this command to edit the bitcoin.conf :
nano ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
(it’ll create the file if it doesn’t already exist)

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I use this page here to format my config file options correctly. Change the options in the form, and the output will update the correct format to copy and paste into your conf file.

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Hi all

I am having same problem and it seems I couldn’t fix it withi this solution. After some struggles with SSH and so (new to Umbrel) I added the 2 lines to limit connections and upload, rebooted Pi-4. everything seemed to work fine after several hours I was watching some youtube video in my android phone and lost wifi connection, checked the kindle and also kicked off from wifi.

not sure what else I can do. Any idea?