How to delete my account here

Hi there, can’t find the option to delete my account on this forum, how can I do?

So? No way to get out of here?

Just set up my account and in settings I can see:
So it’s possible for me.

Always searching in forum-like acc’s to check out if there is struggle deleting accounts/posts just to know what to expect, that’s why I found this message.

It’s possible that you use some form of log-in that is not triggering the delete option. Or they changed policy and since some date it’s allowed but you are here before this change.

Can you go in settings and check it again?

(So far under settings now deployed by provider of this forum I can delete acc, delete this post and also edit it. This can be changed at any time but glad to see it this way now.)

@MrPeipa @R3D0C3 If for any reason you’d like to delete your account feel free to dm me and I can do it for you.

As for me not yet (have some questions here on this forum so no reason to delete), and also have that option in settings.
But will ask - what is the difference between you doing that and me choosing that button?