How long can i stick with 0.5 version

Realising how tedious the new update will be om reluctant to go ahead with it. I have a mini pc with Linux and 0.5 version. It works fine. How long can i put this update off and stick with what i have?

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Hi @shiva it is totally fine to keep using 0.5.4 for the moment, and for the moment app-updates will continue to be compatible with 0.5.4 installations.

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Yeah I’m on the same boat, I don’t feel like having to sync up the Bitcoin node all over again. Big PITA.

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you dont need to re-sync as you can move the apps to another disk temporary.
But it was a mistake for me to update it, because now my asus vc60 wont boot from the disk internally, if i connect the same disk externally it boots, i already lost hours and hours around bios, firmwares, everything, it just doesnt work as it should.

Have you tried to disable Secure Boot? When I was using Debian or Linux with 0.5 worked fine, but after the update I couldn’t boot anymore until I disabled Secure Boot.

yes, already tried bro, thanks