How do cancel or resend stuck on chain transaction

i use ride the lightning interface, i did an on-chain transaction

send about 500,000 sats

but after 2 weeks, the transactions show 0 confirmation, with a transaction hash of bab024ee5330f7a023b8fc35249a1de4cc55bc0332be8a80e950c1ecb24d764c

what I do, i want to cancel or resend, but there is no option for that

you search replace by fees. If your wallet supports the feature, you can pump your fees now.
Otherwise, you wait a bit longer until your transaction is forgotten/discarded from mempool.
Your fund then will return.

how do i tell the transaction is forgotten? because the transaction is not updating in ride the lighting anymore
Date/Time 15/Mar/2023 16:46
Label external
Amount (Sats) (515,682)
Fees (Sats) 132
Block Height 0
Confirmations 0

Transaction Hash


is there anyway i can use the above data to confirm the transaction is forgotten?

You have to run an abandon Tx command.
I have Umbrel too, I’m not sure how to run it there.
Otherwise, your node will keep re-broadcasting it.
Eventually it will drop, but this can take months.

I’d recommend exporting the UTXO’s from Umbrel into a different wallet where you can abandon transaction.
I’m not sure how to do this on Umbrel.

I’m having the same exact issue as you, ironically with the same fee rate - 1.02 sat/vbyte and at the same Exact time of transacting.
There was a on-chain volume spike that day.


Thank you very much for the explanation, was very puzzled until now

Any change?