Help Recovering Lightning Channel (Linux)

You can DM @lukechilds to get your encrypted channel backup and the instructions on how to restore.

Sorry, but how do you compose a message lol.

Go to the user profile by clicking on its username, then click “Message” in the top left.

@lukechilds Hey, For some reason I cant send a DM… Could you message me? I need to recive the channel.backup file for my node.

Sure, I’ve DMd you.

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Hey Please check your DM’s I need a channel backup but didnt give you a date could you please send the file pver?

@lukechilds kinda critical now… please send over the file.

Apologies for missing your DM @mati22123! Just responded with your backup file.

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@louneskmt if you’re able to assist @mati22123 with recovery that would be great :pray:

Hi, I actually have the similar situation, would you be able to help me to recover my lightning channels? thanks. I would DM you first, you can also DM me if you are willing to help, thanks a lot.

I have the same issue - can you DM me to recovery my backup?


I’m trying to recover channels from my channel.backup file with those commands. I ran it from the umbrel directory. “docker-compose exec lnd lncli restorechanbackup --multi_file /data/.lnd/channel.backup”
The response i got is “[lncli] unable to restore chan backups: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = unable to unpack chan backup: chacha20poly1305: message authentication failed”.
I’m not sure how I should interpret that. Anyone knows what it means?
I’m running Umbrel at a dedicated computer with Debian 11. The backup file is created with my old Umbrel that rans at Ubuntu Server 21.04.
Any help is appreciated.

It can be the case that I had another seed on that old installation.

I have the same problem- I had one channel not backed up, when my node crashed. I managed to restore anything with my seedphrase, but this one channel is (obviously) missing.
I already DMd @lukechilds but he doesn‘t seem to be online.
Is there any other teammember who could send me that backup-file from the server?
Thank you!

hi luke, i messed around and deleted some data i shouldn’t have from mnt/data. it killed my node, and on restart its downloading the entire blockchain again. my on chain balance shows, but not the lightning balances. I tried following your instructions from the thread, but haven’t see the balances change. do i need to wait for IBD? what should i do?

Hi Lukechilds
I want the getumbrel backup can you please help getting it. I want a backup older than 1 week. My node crashed and I requested everyone to force close and all the channels are force closed. But I don’t see the sats in my wallet. So I thought of restoring to see whether I can recover my funds. Appreciate any help in this regard.

Apologies for adding to the list but I am hoping you folks can also help me.
I am trying to recover my channels but my most recent backup does not contain all of them. I understand you have a way of sending me a copy from Umbrel. Please let me know if that is something you can do. Thank you.

The last good instance was December, 31, 2021.

My node Public Key: is

Joe Soldner

Did you read this guide about recovering funds of your node?
It is specified there where is located a latest version of channel.backup file.

Umbrel works in this way:

  • user open or close channels
  • umbrel has a script that makes a local copy of channels backup every time a channel is open or close (see in the guide where is located)
  • after creating that file, the script also is uploading it to umbrel servers, as a secondary copy of it.

Users should download all the time they open and close a channel a copy of that file. This can be achieved by opening Umbrel dashboard - lightning - 3 dots - download channel backup. Takes exactly 5 seconds to do it. If you cannot spend 5 seconds from your life to save your channels, I don’t know why you are running a node.

I only recently set up my node and I misinterpreted the automatic backup. It had nothing to do with being lazy. Thank you for the kind reply.

Hello Luke,
I experienced an issue after attempting a basic restart. My last backup was January 9th, but I’ve transferred SATS to BTC wallet since then. Can you please help me?

Hello @lukechilds I’m attempting to @ you.

I hope you can let me know if my umbrel backup from 1/9/2022 is good enough or if I need the remote umbrel back up from a later date.

Thanks, John