Has anyone installed Balance of Satoshis on their Umbrel node?


Would love to get the steps for Install.


I believe it would have to be available in the Umbrel Store for the install to work.

Since it’s command line and LND’s gRPC Port is forwarded out of docker, I think it might work. Gonna give it a try later on and will report here.

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It works as described on the site (npm v12+ needed).
(I’m not running Umbrel-OS here!)

  • install BoS per npm: sudo npm install -g balanceofsatoshis
  • create directory ~/.bos/umbrel/
  • create config file there credentials.json
  • adjust paths to your (replace “user”) umbrel installation as described but keep parameter socket local: "socket": ""

“cert_path”: “/home/user/umbrel/lnd/tls.cert”,
“macaroon_path”: “/home/user/umbrel/lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/admin.macaroon”,
“socket”: “”

Usage BoS:
bos --node umbrel balance

$ bos nodes
    node_name: umbrel
    is_online: true

When I run the following install command on Umbrel OS it gives me an error : “npm: command not found”

  • install BoS per npm: sudo npm install -g balanceofsatoshis

You have to first setup “npm” before you use that command. Follow these instructions first and then install Bos.

any issues memory-wise running additional apps on the umbrel?

No issues running BOS

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Hi I just installed balanceofsatoshis

I get stuck at creating directory what is the command to do this also what command do i use to create config credentials.json file?

create directory: mkdir
create file: nano
nano is a text editor. ctrl+o to save, ctrl+x to quit

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thank you

FOund another step-by-step guide on https://plebnet.wiki/wiki/Umbrel_-_Installing_BoS

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It comes with Lightning shell available in the app store


How do you install BOS with and existing node, my umbrel files and node are placed on a external hd, and I´m stucked on this part of tutorial (https://github.com/alexbosworth/balanceofsatoshis#umbrel-saved-node)

Note: Umbrel is not FOSS software, use at your own risk.

If you are using Umbrel and you have already installed but you get an error like Name resolution failed for target dns:umbrel.local:10009 then try adding umbrel.local to your /etc/hosts file, like sudo nano /etc/hosts and add a line umbrel.local

  1. Identify your Umbrel home dir, like /home/umbrel/umbrel
  2. Look in the .env file in that dir for the LND_IP to use as the socket to connect to

You can also use umbrel.local if that is in your Umbrel TLS cert but you will have to make sure the hostname is known to the client.

  "cert_path": "/home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/tls.cert",
  "macaroon_path": "/home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/admin.macaroon",
  "socket": "LND_IP:10009"
  1. Now when you do a command, specify --node umbrel or whatever your dir is: bos --node umbrel balance

I used Lightning shell to run BoS. However, having some problems upgrading it.

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Indeed, Lightning Shell has BOS - most convenient way to use.

Does anyone know how to upgrade -
starting bos version 12.29.0 it supports -avoid-broadcast - which is an awesome way to scale…

Thanks! m