Hardware security

What happens if somebody breaks your location (home, office, DC) and simply steal your node hardware? (laptop, computer, etc.). No root password is known by the thief.
Let’s discuss certain scenarios:

  1. The thief can manage to keep the laptop under power.
    1a. Nobody is logged in to the console.
    1b. root user is logged in to the console.
  2. The thief steals the computer but the computer will not remain powered on.

My main questions:

  1. I assume if the thief manage to access the console by root user, he can start / stop umbrel with command /scripts/start. What can he do in this case? Can he access my umbrel dashboard, can he send out funds from my lightning wallet?
  2. Let’s suppose he will just boot the system, but can not login with root. Umbrel will not start (unless you specifically added the /scripts/start command to startup). In this case, even if he can’t boot, he can read everything that is on the disk. What’s the worst case scenario that can happen in this case?
  3. What steps do you need to make if your hardware is stolen to minimize risk as much as possible?

Your feedback is welcome.

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Luke answered the same question here

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First things first: save your seed and make regular backups of your channel.backup file on a secured and encrypted USB stick. That¡'s all you need to restore your funds from a stolen machine.
Check :spades:the guide I wrote about SHTF situation.