[GUIDE] Installing charge-lnd (in a docker) to automate your fee policies

Turns out all i had to do was a cold restart of my node :man_facepalming:

Has anyone installed this and seen traffic decrease significantly? I installed successfully a few days ago and since have only routed 10 transactions for the first 2 days and not a single one the past 2 days - I can’t think back to a day when I routed no transactions since I first started running my node.

Possibly something I messed up on the install? I do see my fees are being updated accordingly so I think it was successful - Wondering if others experiences significant changes in traffic?

It’s an amazing guide and I really appreciate the effort into putting it here.

I just want to raise a WARNING about this kind of scripts.

  1. These scripts to have a better management are good, but only in good hands, for users that are more advanced and know what they are doing with these scripts.
  2. These scripts have a lot of functionalities but some of them are bad for LN! For example the option that is automatically “disable” a channel, not being able anymore for routing payments in way or another or both.
    This is really dangerous behavior for THE ENTIRE LIGHTNING NETWORK! Doesn’t make any sense to disable a channel, is totally against what is LN - a web of connections always open. Disabling a channel is like closing a gate to free market.
    Ok I understand that some of you wants only gainz, but LN is not only about that. You can raise your fees as much as you want to have more gainz, it’s a free market, but disabling channels is CENSORSHIP and is like shooting themselves in own foot.
  3. LN is a living organism. If we do not feed him, will not grow. How is supposed to grow if you cut him lose the food (aka routing channels)?
  4. We are at just the beginning of this marvelous journey into LN, we should not start now with ripping off users with fees. We started LN exactly to scale the onchain problem, now we are just going back to fuck each others. This is a nonsense and we will not get anywhere with this.
  5. This script also is forcing to close channels, randomly or based on who knows what algorithm. Happen to me not once, but 3 times. I got 3 channels closed for no reason or human interaction.




Thanks for the information and warning - What’s the best way to remove this now without messing anything up?

In conclusion, should we use this script or not?

I’m doing routing node nowadays, but it’s not profitable. I’m looking for a script to help manage my traffic and make some profit with him.

Or we don’t need to make a profit with it.

Or we just support network is enough.

thank you

DEAD WRONG. You will NOT make any profit. That’s just pure bullshit promotion to make noobs believe they can earn money with running a LN node.
Let’s recap a bit and please pay attention:

  1. A LN node is not a “milk cow” to have “passive income”. Forget about this bullshit idea. Will need some good years until you can earn some significant amount of sats to be considered “income” or “profit”. Don’t be fooled that others will say “in x months I earned x sats with my node”, they say that just to make you lose more sats and profit from you, because you are noob that do not read and learn more about how LN works and you fall into a trap thinking that just by having few LN channels you will get rich.

  2. You run a LN node firstly FOR YOU, for your own payments to be done in a private and full custody by yourself. As I explained in Getting started with Umbrel node guide, before you start running your node, think about WHY you run a node and adapt it your needs.
    You do not “support the network”, that’s another fallacy. You support YOURSELF, you give to yourself the custody and the power of running a node. The network doesn’t give a shit about you and your “support the network”. By empowering yourself, you are making the network stronger, by each individual regaining his financial sovereignty.

  3. You manage your LN node according with your needs are a LN user:

  • have good peers - with at least 20-30 channels, low fees, high time online
  • have channels with those services you are using, paying them directly through those channels
  • expand your connections when is needed, depending on your spending habits and liquidity you have
  • do not put into your LN node more than 30% of your all BTC stash, if you are just a regular LN user.
  1. If you really want to be a big routing LN node, YOU NEED TO BE A REAL BANKSTER, YOU NEED TO PUT A BIG AMOUNT OF SATS. Yes, in that moment your liquidity can be rented to those in need and you can get sats in return, But this require a very good knowledge of how LN works, having well prepared node machines (not just a shity RaspPi) and have good knowledge of economics.
    Yes, we are talking about a business of running channels, a channels factory. But this can’t be achieved with your shity 20k sats you earned from a faucet and now you want to put them to generate “passive income” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
    Running a routing node is a serious work not a game and if you do not know how to do it, you are doing more harm than good to the network.

I hope many will read and understand these aspects.


Thank you very much for the answer and advice.
It gave me the big picture of Lightning.

I am envisioning a future that has An app that allows everyone to really bank for each other.

Hi, after upgrading to umbrel version 0.4.16 the docker charge-lnd command is not working anymore. Getting the error: charge-lnd: error: the following arguments are required: -c/–config

I used following command:

docker run --rm -it --network=umbrel_main_network
-e LND_DIR=/data/.lnd
-e CONFIG_LOCATION=/app/charge.config
-v /home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd:/data/.lnd
-v /home/umbrel/umbrel/apps/charge-lnd/charge.config:/app/charge.config

Any suggestens to fix my problem?


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charge-lnd is already in the Umbrel LN Shell app.

thx, but at the end, when I will use the LND shell, I need a solution for my mentioned problem with automated fee management.

Just want to know the syntax for -c/–config. Thx.

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Looks like that the CONFIG_LOCATION var is not recognized correctly.

I have the same problem, can’t figure out how to fix it. Hope someone knows.

This is broken after the last Umbrel update.
charge-lnd: error: the following arguments are required: -c/–config

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I tell you what I did:

  • Install on Umbrel the app “Lightning Shell”
  • Access Lightning Shell and creating charge.config in the route “/data”
  • You can test your config file using charge-lnd -c /data/charge.config
  • SSH your umbrel and plan in the crontab in the following waY
    1 crontatb -e
    2 add a line in the crontab file in this way: 00 * * * * /mnt/data/umbrel/app-data/lightning-shell/data/lsh_exec_ni.sh charge-lnd -c /data/charge.config

Doing it it will run every hour at 00 minutes.

Hope it helps and it does not disturb anybody.



Sorry for the basic question… for step four, how do you create the charge.config file in data? I tried crontatb -e without success

What error did you get?

From SSH

and from lightningShell

Crontab -e has to be performed from umbrel SSH. Not from Lightning Shell. Lightning Shell does not include crontab.

NOTE. If any admin thinks it is not OK to have this conversation in this thread we can open a new one.

Having the same issue!

Can you give some details on this step? How to create the charge.config via Lightning Shell