Future i2p support

any plans for adding i2p to umbrel so core can connect via tor and i2p?

What is i2p? I went down this rabbit hole, and figured some things out. When it comes to i2p, and Umbrel, the info is slim pickingsā€¦

Official I2P Protocol Website

Then I found this site:
A Reminder to Enable I2P for your Node

So here is how I got Umbrel 0.5.4 to open up some i2p peers. I also discovered that the default settings leave peer connection over open TCP/IP, meaning there was a false sense of security of the privacy of an Umbrel node out of the box. Yes you have some Tor peers, but with box check under Advanced Settings for Clearnet Peers, you are open to packet sniffing.

So with the assumption that you can SSH to your Umbrel Node, here are the steps to get a higher degree of privacy, and more peers feeding your node:

  1. Go to [Github Seeds Page (cited in article above on stacker.news) You can bootstrap Umbrel Bitcoin Core with the I2P nodes at the bottom of this page. I copied to a txt file 20 or so from bottom of page (example: zysrlpii5ftrzivfcyhdrwpeyyqddbrdefnfu5q6otk5gtugmh2a.b32.i2p:0)

  2. While logged in via SSH to your node, while in ~ (/home/umbrel) folder, use nano editor (you may need to install using two commands: apt-get update and then apt-get install nano) edit/create a bitcoin.conf file:
    nano ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
    In the file add the lines:
    and for each node you grabbed earlier format like this for each node ie Example Node Above

I added 20-30 nodes from bottom of that github page. Hit Ctrl-X to close and answer Y to write file.

  1. Stop bitcoin node by doing this command:
    ./umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli stop
    The node will instantly stop then restart, because of the way the container is setup in Umbrel.

  2. Monitor Node collection with this command:
    watch -t ./umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli -netinfo 4

When your done monitoring Ctrl-C should stop the watch command.

You can then go to bitcoin node advanced settings and turn off Clear Net Peers. Also make sure I2P peers are turned on!

Good luck!