File Transfer from Umbrel to Windows help needed

I’ve read through the forums, google’d, etc etc. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places / asking the wrong questions…

I’m simply looking for a way to transfer files back and forth from the Umbrel (Installed using Ubuntu Server) and Windows using my home network.

Filezilla, WinSCP, Putty (Which I can remote SSH but no FTP)… I’ve tried so many different avenues.

No lightning channels just yet, I do enjoy the Simple Torrent app which is why I’m trying to set up a file transfer thats faster than HTTP.

Any help would be appreciated.

LOL so you installed Umbrel just to use the torrent client? Oh man… :grinning:

I haven’t opened any lightning channels yet. Still going through your pinned post and getting smart on the whole thing before I do it.

I believe in Bitcoin and enjoy running a node and realize the benefits that doing so brings.

Since Umbrel has the option for a torrent app, why not use it.

Love how you just toss insults at everyone. Really helping the community out in a positive way. People ask for help and you “S” on them. If you don’t have an answer to a question, keep your useless replies to yourself.

Hiii @ChemicalSold1er I am using Umbrel as my media server with jellyfin and transmission installed and i am also looking for a way to transfer files from windows to umbrel server with the help of Samba share or SFTP etc… if you find a way please update me :grin:

I use filezilla on my windows machine.
normal login

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Thanks for the Help, now I can transfer/edit my umbrel Server files :call_me_hand:t2:

Thank you for the reply @my_bitcoin

After more research I am withdrawing my BTC and shutting my node down.

The website and tutorials all say Umbrel is a friendly community. @DarthCoin types away insulting way to many people all over this forum. Doesn’t even read the entire post, before the shit typing commences.

I will will do my best to steer anyone away from Umbrel simply because of them.

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Oh that’s sad that one bad apple has turned you off running a node.
I hope they haven’t turned you off of bitcoin too.
There are a ton of other communities and other node software you could try and perhaps have a better experience.
Look into other things to do with your raspberry pi they are a super fun little board.

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