File Browser and Jellyfin

Has anyone managed to get files from File Browser to display in Jellyfin?

I have a folder called downloads in File Browser and a media library pointed at /downloads in Jellyfin, but no media displays.

Is there any documentation for how these media apps and their file systems connect?

Hey @ravine.storewide416! Sorry to hear about your issue,
Make sure the files extensions in /downloads are adequate depending on your Jellyfin Library,
For example, if you have a Photo Library, make sure your file extensions are .jpg or .png, etc…

Thanks for the reply. Can’t be sure if it’s files in the incorrect format or that Jellyfin simply isn’t able to read the downloads folder created in File Browser.

I haven’t been able to point Jellyfin at any folder aside from downloads, as they don’t display in the Jellyfin app.

e.g. if create a folder “Movies” in File Browser, then try to create a media library that reads “Movies”, the Jellyfin app doesn’t recognise the folder.

Has anyone written a step by step guide or able to describe the expected usage?

Ok so slightly anticlimactic resolution: I removed and reinstalled Jellyfin. And now it can read the files in my downloads folder from File Browser. Weird, but working!

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