Feature Request: Don't Require 1TB, Mount Server on Boot through UI

I have a NAS, but I like running some of my apps on a few Pis to keep things interesting. Umbrel has a super nice interface that made me want to see what it’s like compared to Portainer. But here’s my problem:

The 1TB HDD requirement is unnecessary. Please just give me an option to not use it, and turn off whatever requires it in the background. Additionally, this would be a great time to mount a NAS as a local folder on boot.

When the “No external drive found” error comes up during setup, provide three options:

  • Use internal storage (insert disclaimer about what is turned off)
  • “I’ll go grab a drive” (sets your drive preference then looks for it on reboot)
  • Mount network share

There’s a great guide from Serverbuilds.net on this. I’ll do it anyway in the terminal but this if the UI could set this up it would be AMAZING:

sudo mkdir /NetworkShares
sudo apt install -y autofs
sudo nano /etc/auto.master
add “/NetworkShares /etc/auto.nfsdb --timeout=0 --browse” and save
sudo nano /etc/auto.nfsdb
add “ExampleShare -fstype=nfs,rw,timeo=100,noatime 10.0.0.XXX:ExampleShare”

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