Enabling altcoin in BTCPay Server

Does anyone know how to enable altcoin support in BTCPay server?
They do provide instruction here https://docs.btcpayserver.org/FAQ/FAQ-Altcoin/#how-to-add-an-altcoin-in-btcpay and here https://docs.btcpayserver.org/Altcoins/

However, it is not clear how to apply those instructions on umbrel.

Why? Why would you want a shitcoin? Stop this shitcoinery maddness!

It is interesting for merchants to support other coins like LTC for example.
I also think that this feature needs further documentation in umbrel and may provide help for other users.

Everything that is “touched” by a shitcoin (and please stop name them “altcoins” because are not) will end up being a shit app.
If Umbrel will decide to add any shitcoin support, many users will just stop using it. Me included.

Hey @ikotofetsy! Umbrel is Bitcoin only, therefore we haven’t configured BTCPay Server to support any other cryptocurrency.

@louneskmt I know Umbrel is a bitcoin only project but I admit it would be nice to see BTCpay support monero, which is pretty much the only other crypto beside bitcoin that is IMHO worth looking into.

Go and ask BTCPay guys.
BTW monero is a shitcoin not an “altcoin”.