Element, doesn't load on start up

Hi All,

I installed Synapse and Element on my umbrel. Matrix works fine, it says my server is running.

When I open Element I get a generic Tor “Tab crash reporter” page. It does not load over tor, any ideas?

Thanks for the help,

I made it to work, on Tor desktop and also on mobile (using Orbot).
But is so sloooooowww.
And another thing: I couldn’t connect to any other Matrix server, Tor or clearnet. Not even able to communicate directly with another user.
Something is missing in this implementation.
Also for me doesn’t make sense that Element, a privacy app that doesn’t have built-in Tor…

I tried with 3 of my peers to connect and chat. IT DOESN’T WORK. Whatever I tried.

Thank you for testing and sharing your results. Now I know the problem is not on my side.

I agree with your conclusion. Element without tor defeats the purpose. I hope the devs fix this soon.