Electrs App not synching

I am running Umbrel on an Umbrel Home hardware that I purchased directly from Umbrel. It was working fine for several weeks but starting yesterday the Electrs app is no longer synching and I cannot connect any wallets to my node. Removing and reinstalling Electrs worked a couple of times as an (annoying) solution but now even that is not working. Are there any fixes? My node is essentially useless now.

It looks like about a month ago the Umbrel Electrs app was updated (Update electrs to 0.9.14 · getumbrel/umbrel-apps@3791ea0 · GitHub) and that new version (0.9.14) made several changes in dependency versions and stuff like that (https://github.com/romanz/electrs/blob/master/RELEASE-NOTES.md#0100-jul-22-2023) Maybe you would have success in one of the two following approaches:

  • install the previous version of the app by switching your Umbrel back to the older version of the App Store repo and then reinstalling from there

  • updating the Electrs app version used by Umbrel App Store repo to the newest one and then try to reinstall that version which is about a month newer then the one used in Umbrel currently.

Thank you for this information. Is there any resource as to how to accomplish either of those approaches somewhere online? I am not the savviest when it comes to this stuff.

I have been using the documentation here GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel-apps: The official app repository of the Umbrel App Store. Submit apps and updates here. Learn how → https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel-apps#readme which shows you how to go about switching the App Store source repo but if your not familiar with using tools like git and ssh then it may be better to wait for the devs to fix it as messing around with this stuff could break your Umbrel and cause you to have to reinstall.

I’m new to Umbrel so trying this may not lead to a solution but is what I would try in your position

I think waiting is good advice. Thank you again for trying to help me out - much appreciated!

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Hi @therewillbeFUD, could you please run the following, and we’ll debug further:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose electrs logs --tail 100

Generating some troubleshooting logs from the settings dashboard may be helpful too- thanks. You can paste the output into https://pastebin.com/

Thanks, I think I successful posted the error log from the umbrel settings dashboard to pastebin. I don’t know how to run that line from Command Prompt. I pasted it but it didn’t execute.

hey sorry, do you mind pasting the link to your pastebin in here.

Does this work?

Great, thanks.

It looks like electrs is just syncing back up! I can’t say for sure why it fell behind (looks like the node went down for a bit 1-2 days ago?), but I can see in the logs that it is syncing up to the latest block as per your bitcoin node. Give it another day, and I assume it will be running fine again.

Thank you but it’s been stuck on synching with no progress for 2 days now. I’ll try deleting and reinstalling the electrs app again.

For what it’s worth the primary bitcoin node app seems totally fine and has never been out of synch.