Docker interfering with Umbrel

Had to restart Umbrel as the apps were no longer responsive.
Upon running the following command…

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/start

I get…
network umbrel_main_network was found but has incorrect label set to "umbrel_main_network"

Any tips on how best to resolve this?


  • Docker version 24.0.5 / Docker compose v2.23.0
  • Umbrel 0.5.4
  • Ubuntu 22.10

Only way I found to resolve this, was to reinstall docker, copy the .env file and then…

Step 1 - stop Umbrel node with:

cd umbrel

sudo ./scripts/stop

Step 2 - clean / reconfigure the broken container:

sudo rm .env && sudo ./scripts/configure

Step 3 - Restart node:

sudo ./scripts/start

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