Contributing to Umbrel?

I understand the Umbrel project welcomes contributions from the community. If I wanted to add a feature or improve something, how should I go about it? For example, can you explain how I can help with the dark theme?


Hi @jonsyu @mayank @lukechilds

I’m looking to contribute too, shall we just download the source from the git repo and submit a pull request to submit new features?

Hey guys, really appreciate your interest in contributing. :heart: (Sorry for missing your original post @btc_ln)

@n080dy feel free to open an issue on whatever you’d like to work on (or comment on an existing issue). We can then assess if it’s a good fit and aligns with our roadmap. If it’s a good fit, we’ll assign the issue to you. After that you can spec out the implementation, discuss how the feature will be implemented, get our feedback, etc and then proceed to working on the actual implementation, and opening a PR.

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Hey @mayank, I’m also looking to contribute, but I’m newer to Umbrel and not sure where to start. I checked out the “good first issue” page as suggested here, but it doesn’t look like there are any active at the moment. Any tips on how to get started or setup a dev environment to familiarize myself with the codebase? Many thanks!