Connecting Zap (Desktop) Wallet

Hi, I cannot connect my Zap Desktop Wallet to my Umbrel node. I followed the instructions and where it says to “click Next twice” there is actually a password that I need to provide in the second step. I have tried all passwords that I used for the wallets I have and it does not allow me to click Next.

Don’t use latest version 0.7.5. It has a bug and is not starting/connecting to node.
Use 0.7.4
You have to use lndconnect://umbrel.local:10009… or IP instead of umbrel.local
That password is the PIN or password to setup to open the app.

I am experiencing the same issue.

With 0.7.4 I cannot connect as it is asking to enter the existing password of the wallet…
There is no such existing wallet password on my node freshly installed.

Also it doesn’t work with TOR url instead of local domain or ip.
Providing I am already running a correct tor proxy for zap desktop application network.

for the issue to connect via tor it seems like zap desktop has a bug regarding this feature

Zap mobile over Tor works perfectly with Umbrel
Zap desktop works fine over IP/ not Tor. Also last Zap desktop version have a bug and is no longer connect to Umbrel.

I am having the same issue it is asking me to enter a password immediately after connecting my node a password has not been set yet.

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