Connecting Samurai wallet to Umbrel

Following the steps indicated by umbrel to connect samurai wallet to the node, in the second point says; “If you already have an existing wallet on it, send all of your funds to a different wallet that you control and erase your existing wallet from Settings > Wallet > Secure Erase Wallet”.

So I have a question. If I already have a samurai wallet created, why should I delete it before conect it to umbrel? I mean, I would like to us whirlpool with UTXOs from the wallet. How can I do that if I transfer the funds?


It is unfortunately the way Samourai is made. You cannot connect an existing Samourai wallet to a new Dojo, so in order to use your Umbrel Dojo with Samourai Wallet, you’ll need to create a new Samourai wallet.