Channels offline since i updated Bitcoin Core & Electrum


I updated Electrum and Bitcoin Core to the most recent versions.
Since i updated Electrum and Bitcoin Core my lightning channels are offline. If i check the logs i see that there is an error: i2pd_daemon_1 | 09:35:45@905/error - Tunnels: Can’t select next hop for XxH0Hgf587qj6n1vdzt-FvqbQxvOnKFcZIagWJXVRYY=

I disabled Outgoing Connections to I2P Peers but that didn´t fix it.
Here are the logs, hopefully someone can help me:

Hi @ironrock
Sorry to hear that. The I2P error is quite a common log, so I don’t believe it is related to that. Let me forward this to the team.

In the meantime, can you please try the following:

Thanks for your reply!

Here are the LND logs:

Here are the Bitcoin logs:

In both of the logs i see:

i2pd_daemon_1 | 10:02:09@858/error - Tunnels: Can’t select next hop for bzIGdwRKxGwy09U~S8mTl9~RMsDjFy5W-c2O-sojBs0=

So after 1 day everything looks fine. Channels are back online :slight_smile: