Can't access my node with 2FA code


I need help with accessing my node. I can access the Umbrel.local page and enter password. But when entering the 2FA code, it says incorrect code. I have 2FA set up on multiple devices but none of the code seems to be correct. What could be the cause of this? How do I access my Umbrel device? Could internet speed or connection be the culprit of this? Thanks.

So this is interesting. Recently, when I was able to access Umbrel.local, it lets me enter the password and 2FA code but was getting incorrect code. I have my code saved on multiple devices but none of the code was showing correct. Basically, couldn’t access the node. Even though the Umbrel device was running based on what’s showing on the screen and matching with latest available data, at some point, the umbrel.local just stopped working completely. So I finally found the ip adddress of the umbrel and access it through it and it worked. I could access the login page with the 2FA code and everything is working fine. Best guess, is that since I have the Umbrel connect to a wifi booster via the EXT, that somehow interrupts the connections via umbrel.local and wouldn’t accept the 2FA code.