Can Umbrel 1.0 use wifi?

@mayank, no worries.

I guess I will wait one more month for wifi because fast eth is not an option for me.

Any progress on fixing the broken WiFi config?

It’s been 2 months that I’ve been without a working node at home. As you’ve probably noticed by now, not all people have Ethernet at home.

I’m still waiting for that update …

Supposedly it is fixed now, I have not tested it though

Hey folks, the first public beta of umbrelOS 1.2 officially brings WiFi support. To test out the update on an existing Umbrel, go to Settings > Advanced settings, and enable umbrelOS Beta Program. You’ll then see “umbrelOS 1.2 Beta 1” being available for update.

To test it out on a new device, just download the relevant OS image for your device from our GitHub release: Release umbrelOS 1.2 Beta 1 · getumbrel/umbrel · GitHub

Please keep us posted with how it goes for you!