"Bricked" node: "segmentation fault" when running systemctl

Hello there, I have a problem with my node that has happened twice: I can’t run normal commands on ssh like shutdown, reboot etc: it returns -bash: shutdown: command not found.

My dashboard is not showing anywhere, my logs are a real mess (python traceback errors) and my cpu usage is 0% on everything but “system”.

My node was working fine and this problem appears randomly. In the past I’ve reflashed the SD card and that seems to fix it, but I don’t want to be reflashing it every once in a while because it just decides to die.

I can SSH and browse directories, run the debug script, use nano and other commands, but I can’t do a soft shutdown because those commands aren’t working. Also, systemctl returns Segmentation fault. I can even see the blockchain syncing if I check the logs and my SSD case light blinking.

What could be wrong here?

mSD cards are a real pain, in special if your system doesn’t have the correct voltage.
You should buy a new mSD, a better one and check your power adapter, to be the original one aand/or giving the correct voltage. Those adapters can be fucked up easily if you do not have a UPS protecting them from micro-fluctuations in electricity flow.
An UPS is a must for a node, and in special one like RPi.

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Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.