Bootstrap Bitcoin Core Blockchain


I’ve tried searching and didn’t find any results so I thought I’ll post my question.

I know with other wallets and blockchains there are bootstrap files for the blockchain so it cuts down the sync time, is there any bootstrap files for umbrel?

I’m reading it usualy takes 3 days up to 1 week for users - it would be nice to have an official umbrel bootstrap file users can download to a usb and transfer to the pi to cut down the sync time.

Don’t trust, verify.

On a serious note, I’ve seen blockchain files available on bittorent.

It will still take time to download 500(?)GB but the main disadvantage is you have to trust a random person on the Internet.

Join the revolution. Don’t trust, verify. Sync against the blockchain!

Neutrino way was working, at least in version 4.7, with which I did my last blockchain download, just because it seems v 4.8 to 4.10 have several issues (maybe that just my impressions). After bchain download and sync, I reflashed SD card to v 4.9, and it is running ok, so far.

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If you do not have that patience, you will pay a higher price.